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Policies and Helpful Hints

These policies and helpful hints are suggestions that we have found to be very helpful in making your session the BEST ever.

Try to arrive for your session ten minutes early. We schedule all sessions closely together, so it is important that your session start on time. Being late will only result in you feeling rushed and less time spent on your photography.   If you arrive late we might have to do one less clothing change.   Anyone arriving a ½ hour late or more will have to reschedule.

Cancellations                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             If you find it necessary to reschedule or cancel your appointment, please notify us as soon as possible.  Cancellations less than 24 hours prior might require an extra charge to reschedule.

If it is raining we will still do the indoor portion of your session as scheduled. It is much easier to reschedule the outdoor portion than to find time to schedule the whole session. Cloudy days are fine you will squint less and not have any harsh shadows that the sunlight causes.

Your session fee must be paid at the time of reserving your appointment time.  (Cash, Checks, Visa and Master Cards are accepted)  When you place your order 50% of the total amount is due and the balance must be paid when picking up your order. All orders not picked up within 30 days are subject to a holding fee of 1.5% per month. Checks returned for insufficient funds will be assessed a $25 handling fee.

Black and White
Black and White high contrast photography has become very popular. This is an add on session which must be scheduled prior to the day of the session.

Bring a Parent
Parents are always welcome at the sessions.

All photographs taken by Sander Photography Inc. are subject to United States copyright laws. Any individual who violates these laws by unlawfully duplicating any preview, proof, wallet or any part of any order will be subject to prosecution.

Your order will be ready within 3 to 4 weeks from the date of order.

Yearbook Photos
Yearbook photos will be taken with all indoor sessions where needed. We have drapes for the girls and tuxedos for the boys (average sizes).


Clothing and Session Tips

Proper clothing allows your face to be the focus of the portrait and not the outfit. So here are some helpful hints:
Solid colors are the best.  Pick colors that complement your skin color. Denim, White, Black and Earth Tones almost always look good. Stripes and big patterns can be very distracting. Bring at least 2 extra outfits; if you are unsure we will be happy to help you decide. Sleeveless tops tend to exaggerate the size of the upper arm. Strapless dresses and tank top draw attention away from the face and sometimes give an illusion of unwanted pounds. As a general rule White or Pastels usually are best for lighter backgrounds and darker clothing looks better on dark backgrounds.   Clothing should be flattering and not overpowering. Make sure the clothing fits well.  Bring complete outfits from head to toe, don’t forget jewelry and the right shoes.  Hats, Jackets, and Sunglasses are great accessories and create exciting portraits!

Please come to the session with your hair and makeup done, so all you need to do is touch it up. Avoid getting a haircut, a new hairstyle, highlights or a perm right before the session. Give it about one week to adjust to the change. Simple hairstyle changes will be allowed as long as they take 5 minutes or less.  Make sure you bring your brush or comb, so minor touch ups can be done.

Translucent powder is good to reduce the shine on oily skin. Makeup should be only slightly more than normal; too much make-up gives a painted look that can look unnatural.  To avoid facial shine Do Not put moistureizer on your face the day of your session.  Avoid any eye shadow or lip gloss that has sparkle or shine; they do not photograph well at all.

Finger and Toenails                                                                                                               Make sure they are natural or painted. Chipped nail polish will show.  Many seniors go barefoot so don’t forget your toenails.

We invite you to bring any props you would like to use during your session. Some suggestions are: Sports uniforms and equipment, musical instruments, dance outfits, your car and/or motorcycle are welcome.  Be creative and show off your own personality!

Since glass glare on some shaped lenses is nearly impossible to avoid, please bring along an empty pair of frames similar to your own for your session. Glare can be removed for an extra charge when you place your order. Ask your optician to remove the lenses or borrow a similar pair of empty frames for your session.

Don't go overboard getting a tan before the session. Try not to tan for a couple of days before. The red can be hard to remove so allow time for it to tone down. We can remove tan lines for an extra charge.

The final and best hint  

 Group your outfits together on hangers.  Put your jewelry for each outfit in a plastic baggie and hang it on the hanger with that outfit.  This also keeps your outfits wrinkle free.




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